Welcome to Coyote Creek Ranch (CCR), located 26 miles southwest of Steamboat Springs and 13 miles south of Hayden, Colorado. We think its the most beautiful place on earth, and a lot of visitors agree. Coyote Creek Ranch Angus was developed based on the two key principles of raising quality, high-altitude Angus cattle, and being good stewards of the land. We focus on Beef Quality Assurance and use sustainable practices throughout our agricultural operations.

The goal of the CCR Angus program is to provide both the commercial and purebred breeder with heifers and bulls that are mountain ranch born and raised. Coyote Creek cattle are bred for calving ease and low PAP, emphasizing maternal traits, thickness and muscle on a moderate frame, and carcass quality. Mother cows are judged on many traits, but two are paramount: they have to be gentle, good mothers, if not, they simply are not in our cow herd. Any cattle that do not measure up to our standards are culled to ensure a consistent herd.

All of our cattle are raised at 7,100 feet+, and have been PAP tested by Dr. Tim Holt. Our cattle have to function in long, cold winter conditions and hold up on steep, rocky terrain. In 2016, we began a transition to summer calving, and are now selling long-yearling bulls and heifers. The extra age on these cattle helps to ensure that they are mature, well-tested for PAP and fertility, and ready to go to work in both spring and fall-calving herds. We invest in proven bloodlines and focus on genetics that give us the balance of performance and quality. We hope you'll have an opportunity to put our seedstock to the test in your herd.

We are honored to be the 2021 Seedstock Producer of the Year awarded by Colorado Cattlemen's Association. And, for more about our program and philosophy, see the article from the Angus Journal.

Our mission is "Elevating Your Herd with Balanced Genetics." Please stop by for a visit any time!

Jeff Meyers and Erika Murphy

Coyote Creek Ranch
28005 Cty Rd 37
Hayden, Colorado 81639
Phone: 970-276-2190
Cell: 970-214-5414
Email: coyotecreek@comcast.net

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